тема Safety Rules

Автор: Москалева Илона Владимировна. Опубликовано в Английский язык

Safety Rules
Every year a lot of road users die in the road accidents.
To be safe
— Motorcyclists must wear helmets to protect their heads;
— Cyclists must look right before they turn right and stop at the junctions, because sometimes cars don't see them;
— Pedestrians must be very attentive near a zebra crossing;

— Drivers must wear seat belts and drive not more than60 km/h in the city and never use their mobile phones when driving

If you follow these rules you will be alive:

  1. Look for a zebra crossing or a traffic lights crossing.
  2. Always look before crossing the road.
  3. Never run into the road
  4. Always walk on the pavement.
  5. Wear reflective clothes at night. 
  6. Always sit in the back seat if you are under12 year sold.
  7. Wear aseat belt.
  8. Stand well until the bus has stopped completely near the bus stop.
  9. Don't push others when you enter the bus.
  10. Don't talk to the driver.

Keep safe, stay alive!