Texts for reading

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Texts for reading


  1. Scientists solve mystery to Stonehenge

  1. Scientists to use DNA to find Loch Ness Monster

  1. Sagrada Familia gets building permit 136 years late

  1. Longest sea bridge links Hong Kong to China

  1. Nintendoland to open in Japan

  1. Coldest temperature on Earth recorded

  1. Spain to replace USA as second most popular tourism location


  1. France wants its prisons blurred on Internet maps

  1. Mobile phone ban while crossing the roads in Honolulu

  1. Austria bans full-face veils

  1. Face recognition scanner to stop toilet paper thieves
  2. Pompeii thieves say relics are cursed
  3. Hospital chains toys to beds to stop thieves
    1. India to remove 287 laughable laws
    2. Parents punished if kids late to school
    3. French climber banned from scaling UK buildings








  1. New mummies found near Luxor, Egypt

  1. Men rescued after writing “HELP” in the sand

  1. Blind pilot flies from London to Sydney

  1. Trekker lost in Andes found alive


  1. Moon landing items to be auctioned

  1. New nation of Asgardia established in space

  1. Time travel invited by Stephen Hawking memorial

  1. Man to take rocket trip to show Earth is flat

  1. Vegetable gardens tested for Mars

  1. Moon vocations possible by 2024


  1. Record number of flowers bloom

  1. Birds’ stomachs too full of plastic to eat

  1. Household items as bad as cars for pollution

  1. 2017 was UK’s greenest energy year ever

  1. Light pollution is taking away night’s darkness

  1. Plastic-eating worm could remove the world’s waste

  1. City plans to plant 3 million trees